Alexander the Salamander

Our Story

Alexander the Salamander — and the Salamander logo — is a brand derived from our Alexander the Salamander and The Challenge children’s book written by the father/sons team of Andre, Andre II, Alex, and Austin Hood under the pen name, P.F. McKinley. The book is about how the three brothers recognize, accept, and take on challenges, giving back and helping others in the process. The storyline of the book includes volunteerism, creativity, racial diversity, and stresses the importance of reading; all while still being entertaining, fun, and engaging.

During 2008-2010, we had some fun promoting the book and the reception was very warm. We participated in numerous book fairs, library events, and elementary school career days It was a great ride that culminated in our participation at the prestigious National Press Club Author’s Night. We couldn’t have been more proud. Our little book was making the big time rounds!

Well after that, the book kept selling -- you can buy it here -- but it was time for the kids to be kids and focus on other activities: sports, friends, school. Plus, Dad is a co-founder of a digital agency so he had to help run that. There wasn’t much time to do book fairs and promotional events.

Fast forward to almost ten years later, the book is still selling and people still tell us how much they love reading it. Weaved throughout the book was a message of generosity and giving back, so with the kids being a little older now we decided to use that tenet as our first step back into the fray.

Continuing our book’s theme of generosity, the Salamander logo has become our product stamp making social contributions to society. Our first product -- the Salamander t-shirt -- is available in our online store now.

Also each month, we partner with non-profit organizations and charities to launch new Salamander logo t-shirt sales campaigns, with the goal of helping to bring awareness and dollars to their fundraising efforts. Salamander t-shirts get co-branded for each partnering organization. At the end of the campaign, we donate a hefty percentage of the proceeds to that organization’s cause.

So, we invite you to take this ride with us.  Stop by our online store to buy a shirt or have your non-profit organization join one of our campaigns today! 

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